Artist we have worked with

Since 2015 Perth Amboy Artworks has worked with many NJ artists, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers and more. Here is a list of artists we have worked with.

James Erwin
Ausrine Dere
Ilsi Molina
Kerry Dyke
Caroline Torres
Matthew Telliho

Graphic Designers
Jonathan Horowitz
Lou Rodriguez
Olive Bryan
Caroline Torres

United States of Boogaloo
Segunda Quimbamba
Bodega Satellite
Erotic Novels
Jospeh Frame
The Rollbacks
Destitute NJ
Jr Montalvo
Deivito & Jenique
The Krays
Tight Lipped
San Simon
GMJ Groove
Tequila Bamboo
Animal Masks
The Julian Meyers Koncept
Framework String Trio

Rachel Wintemberg
Christopher Ramirez
Kerry Dyke

Filmmakers and Actors
Tom Ryan, Theatre of Terror
Caroline Torres

Organizations we have worked with
Mayor Wilda Diaz- Live at the Ferry Slip
Perth Amboy Ferry Slip Museum- Live at the Ferry Slip
Perth Amboy Department of Public Works- Catch Basin Mural Project
Perth Amboy Arts Council- Live Music Directory, Mural Projects
Perth Amboy Recreation Department- Pop up Cinema
Perth Amboy Auxiliary Police- Live at the Ferry Slip